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Introduction to Lightning Experience⚡

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The following information will introduce your organization to Lightning Experience (LEx). Subsequent articles in this chapter will assist your organization with the roll-out and introduction of LEx to your users.

1. What is Lightning Experience?

The Salesforce platform offers two different user interfaces: LEx and Salesforce Classic. Lightning Experience is a new user interface and technology layer provided by our platform provider (Salesforce) and replaces what is now referred to as the Classic user interface. 

In addition to a new visual interface LEx allows AdvoLogix to develop new technology specifically capable of taking advantage of new features only available within LEx.  

Organizations have the option of staying in Classic, migrating all users, or selectively migrating a group (or groups) of users to LEx. Please see our Lighting Experience Configuration article for more information on migrating your existing organization to LEx.

3. Functional Parity with the Classic Interface

Though LEx has made significant improvements over the Classic user interface there remain areas where LEx has not achieved functional parity with Classic. The current functional parity road-map can be viewed here with prominent issues highlighted below.

3.1. Platform Functionality

Calendars and Scheduling

  • Event Attendees
  • Recurring Events
  • Scheduling
  • Public Calendars


  • Rolodex
  • Printable View

Reports and Dashboards

  • Joined Reports


  • Recycle Bin
  • Print Record

3.2. AdvoLogix Functionality

  • When adding certain related records the Matter to be manually entered (instead of auto-populated). This is related to the Salesforce known  issue W-4164150. The effected records are: Participants, Budgets, Offers and Demands.

  • The Event Edit page always uses a custom packaged Visualforce page instead of the standard Event edit page layout.  

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