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Merging Duplicate Contacts

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You can merge duplicate Contacts associated with the same Account. 

Go to an Account List View

Go to an account List View
  1. Choose a list view from the drop-down menu and select Go.
  2. Select the name of a recent Contact.

Choose the Account with the Duplicate Contacts

Choose the Account with the Duplicate Contacts

Choose the name of the Account that has duplicate Contacts.

Navigate to the Contacts Related List on the Account detail page
  1. Click on or hover over the Contacts related list link on the Account page.
    If you have Duplicate contacts:
  2. Click the Merge Contacts button.

Choose Contact Records to Merge

Choose Contact Records to Merge
  1. Place a check mark next to the Contacts you wish to merge.
  2. Select Next to move to Step 2.
  1. Choose the dot next to the data you wish to keep
  2. Click Merge

Tips for Merging Contacts

Consider the following when merging contacts:

  • Any related items from any of the duplicate contacts will be associated with the merged contact.
  • If you are merging duplicate contacts that are members of different campaigns, the campaign Member Status Updated date for each contact is retained and associated with the newly merged contact.
  • Before merging contacts that both have active Self-Service usernames, deactivate one Self-Service username. The merged record will adopt the active Self-Service username.
  • Any account sharing and manual sharing for the master contact are applied to the newly merged contact.
  • When you merge contacts that have Reports To relationships, the newly merged contact retains the Reports To field from the selected Master Record.
  • All discarded duplicate records are moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • The newly merged contact displays the Created By date from the oldest contact you are merging, and shows the merge date as the Modified By date.
  • In organizations that use divisions, the merged contact is assigned to the division of the related account.
  • Merging contacts is not tracked in the setup audit trail.
  • You can delete a contact if you are an administrator, the contact owner, or a user above the contact owner in the organization role hierarchy, and if you have the appropriate user permission.
  • The newly merged contact is automatically included on any case teams in which the contacts were associated.
  • The master contact automatically replaces the duplicate contacts in all the requested meetings they were invited to. Also, all meeting messages written by the duplicate contacts are automatically associated with the master contact. (Meeting messages appear on the requested meeting's Web page and are visible to all invitees.)

Verification Pop-up

Verification pop-up
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