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Introduction to Libraries (legacy)

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Libraries determine who can access content documents and the permissions to determine who can do what to those documents.

Create Libraries

Store, share, and manage your files in content libraries so you can decide who has access to files in each library and what permissions they have. Each org can have up to 2,000 libraries.  For more information, see Create Libraries.

Manage Library Permissions

A library permission is a group of privileges assigned to each Salesforce CRM Content library member. It determines the tasks that a member can perform in a particular library. The same user can have a different library permission in each library.  For more information, see Manage Library Permissions.

Create & Edit Library Permissions

Library permissions provide the different levels of library access that are required for most organizations. Here’s how to add new permissions and edit existing ones.  For more information, see Create and Edit Library Permissions.

Assign Library Tagging Rules

In Salesforce CRM Content, tags are descriptive labels that help classify and organize content. Contributors can assign tags to their files, Google docs, or web links, to enable all library members to browse for content by tag. The tagging rule in a library determines how contributors can tag content; for example, the restricted-tagging rule does not allow contributors to create tags. Library tagging rules are optional. By default, library contributors can enter any tag.  For more information, see Assign Library Tagging Rules.

Restrict Record Types in a Library

Library administrators can choose which record types are available in a library. They can also set the default record type for publishing content to the library.  For more information, see Restrict Record Types in a Library.

Set Up Libraries

Libraries are a wonderful way to organize files and manage user permissions. See files displayed in a grid or switch to the familiar list view. Click a library or folder to see files displayed as thumbnails. A thumbnail view is an easy way to find files. With the Libraries component, you can sort files and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all.  For more information, see Set Up Libraries.

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