AdvoLogix Matter Management

Modifying an Email Address


Navigate through the following steps to change User Email address. 

User Detail Page

User Detail Page

Select the Edit link next to full name of the user.

User Edit Screen

User Edit Screen

Modify the email address in the Email field and select Save.

System Verification of Change

At this point, the email address has not been changed.  You will need to confirm via email before the email address change can be changed.

Notification Sent to the Old Email Address

Notification email sent to OLD email address

No action required

Confirmation Sent to the New Email Address

Confirmation email sent to NEW email address

You must click on the confirmation link to confirm the email address change.  

Confirmation of Change

Confirmation Page

The email address change will now be reflected on your user detail page.  This is the same process you will follow if an administrator changes your email address.

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