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Create & Edit Library Permissions (legacy)

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Library permissions provide the different levels of library access that are required for most organizations. Here’s how to add new permissions and edit existing ones.  To create or edit library permissions in Salesforce CRM Content, from Setup, enter Content Permissions in the Quick Find box, and select Content Permissions. Choose Add Library Permissions or Edit next to the permission.

  1. Assign a name to the library permission.
  2. Optionally, enter a description of the library permission. If your organization has several library permissions, consider describing each by its function or with a summary of its privileges.
  3. In the Permissions section, select the checkboxes that correspond to the privileges you want to grant to users with this library permission, and click Save.
    • Manage Library - Perform any action in the library. This privilege is required to edit a library’s name and description, add or remove library members, or delete a library. Manage Library is a super permission which provides all the following permission options listed except Deliver Content.
      Creating a library requires the Manage Salesforce CRM Content app permission or Create Libraries system permission.
    • Add Content - Publish new content to the library, upload new content versions, or restore archived (deleted) content. Content authors can also change any tags associated with their content and archive or delete their own content.
    • Add Content on Behalf of Others - Choose an author when publishing content in the library.
    • Archive Content - Archive and restore any content in the library.
    • Delete Content - Delete any content in the library. Authors can undelete their own content from the Recycle Bin.
    • Feature Content - Identify any content in the library as featured.
    • View Comments - Read comments posted to any content in the library.
    • Add Comments - Post comments to any content in the library and view all comments in the library. Users can edit or delete their own comments.
    • Modify Comments - Edit or delete comments made to any content in the library.
    • Tag Content - Add tags when publishing content or editing content details in the library.
    • Deliver Content - Create a content delivery using any files in the library.
    • Attach or Share Content - Make content from this library accessible in Chatter. Within Chatter, select a file from the library and attach it to a post or share it.
    • Organize File and Content Folder - Create, rename, and delete folders in libraries in Lightning Experience.
  4. Click Save.

If your Salesforce CRM Content organization was created after the Spring '09 release, your organization already has Viewer, Author, and Library Administrator library permissions. If not, consider creating them. For the Viewer library permission, select the View Comments and Add Comments library privileges. For the Author library permission, select the Add Content, Add Content on Behalf of Others, Archive Content, Add Comment, and Tag Content library privileges. For the Library Administrator permission, select the Manage Library privilege.

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