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How do I use the Profile tab?


Chatter profiles are personal pages for each person in a Salesforce organization.

Profiles include contact information, a photo, an About Me section, a Chatter feed, a list of followers, and a list of people and records being followed.

View other people's profiles by clicking their name in the People tab, a feed, or on a record detail page.

From your profile, you can:

  • Edit your contact information.
  • Add additional information about yourself in the About Me section.
  • Update your status in the What are you working on? field.
  • Upload or delete a profile photo.
  • See who's following you and who you're following.
    • If you're not following anyone, click Find people to follow in the Following list to view the People tab and start following people. 
  •    View your group memberships.
    • If you're not in any groups, click Join or create groups in the Groups list to view the Groups tab and join some groups.
  • See your recent updates in your Chatter feed.
  • View a single feed update.
  • View the topics you use most often.

For Additional Details See's: Profile Overview

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