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Reports provide users access to their AdvoLogix data. Users can examine your data in almost infinite combinations, display it in easy-to-understand formats, and share the resulting insights with others. A report returns a set of records that meets certain criteria, and displays it in organized rows and columns. Report data can be filtered, grouped, and displayed graphically as a chart.

Reports are shared via folders. Whomever has permission to the folder a report is saved in also has access to the report.

The Report Builder is a visual, drag-and-drop tool which is used to create reports and edit existing ones. The report builder is where you choose a report type, report format, data filter, and the fields that make up your report.

Three report formats are supported, each with varying degrees of functionality and complexity:

Three report formats are supported, each with varying degrees of functionality and complexity:

Note:  The information you see in reports is only the data to which you have access. This includes records you own, records to which you have read or read/write access, records that have been shared with you, records owned by or shared with users in roles below you in the hierarchy, and records for which you have “Read” permissions.

Reports Tab

Reports TAB

Reports can be viewed and created from the Reports Tab

Reports & Dashboards List View/Creation initiation page

Reports and Dashboards List View / Creation initiation page

From this page, you can:

   1.  Search for reports.

   2.  Select or create a folder.

         ~  The Folder drop-down list includes all report folders you can access.

   3. Click the View drop-down to sort between:

         ~ All Items

         ~ Recently Viewed

         ~ Items I'm Following

        ~ Items I Created

   4. Click the Type drop-down to sort between:

         ~ Reports

         ~ Dashboards        

   5. Click New Report to begin a new report. Click New Dashboard to begin a new dashboard

   6. Click a report name to run the report.

  7. Click Edit next to a report to customize it. Click Delete to remove from folder and place in Recycling Bin.

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