AdvoLogix Matter Management

View Your Organization's License Details


The Company Information page displays all of the active user and feature licenses you have purchased for your organization. A user license entitles a user to different functionality within AdvoLogix and determines the profiles available to the user.

In the Quick Find type Company Information and select it from the list.

Company Information Detail Page

This page has User Licenses and Feature Licenses as related list from where we gather the information of the number of user licenses a company has.

Types of Licenses

This page lists the following for each type of license:

  1. Status indicates the status of the license.
  2. Total Licenses indicates the number of licenses for which your organization is billed and that are available to you.
  3. Used Licenses is the number of licenses that you have assigned to users.
  4. Remaining Licenses is the number of unused licenses.
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