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A wide variety of support and training services are available to AdvoLogix customers.

1. Support Resources

The best tools for finding answers to general questions are the AdvoLogix Application Guide and the Salesforce Help and Training Center. If you cannot quickly locate the information you are looking for please feel free to contact AdvoLogix Support.

1.1. The AdvoLogix Application Guide

The AdvoLogix Application Guide is the best source for information specific to the AdvoLogix application. This guide covers training, administration and use of the AdvoLogix application. The Application Guide can be found online at or from the AdvoLogix Setup page within the application.

The Application Guide's global search feature will quickly locate most topics of interest.

1.2. Salesforce Platform Help

The Salesforce help and documentation system is best used for assistance with platform topics not specifically related to the AdvoLogix application. Examples of platform topics would include setting up security, creating custom fields, and how to use the report builder. 

Salesforce platform help is available from the Help and Training links in the topmost application menu or can also be navigated to directly at

1.3. Contacting AdvoLogix Support

  • For technical issues related to using the application the most expeditious route to resolving your issue is to contact AdvoLogix support by email via [email protected].
  • For issues pertaining to billing and license renewal please contact our billing department via [email protected].
  • Please see our web site for additional contact information.

2. Training Resources

Training is broken into two areas of focus, AdvoLogix and Salesforce Platform training. 

2.1. AdvoLogix Training

2.2. Salesforce Platform Training

Our technology partner offers a vast array of platform training opportunities. 

  • Trailhead is a free, self-paced learning system which offers guided paths to chart your course through various Salesforce platform skills.
  • Salesforce University provides fee based instructor led training services. These classes are often taken in preparation for Salesforce certification.
  • Independent Salesforce training providers can be found by searching the web for "Salesforce Training".

3. Implementation Partners

AdvoLogix professional services partners have a unique blend of legal business knowledge, Salesforce technical expertise and AdvoLogix experience to provide a training solution that meets your unique implementation needs. A list of our current partners can be found at our website on the AdvoLogix Partners page.

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