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From the moment  a record is created in AdvoLogix, the Salesforce search engine works to make the information easy to find, quick to execute, and results relevant. 

Often, users may quickly find a record by entering a term in the search box at the top of each page. As text is typed in the global search box, a list of auto-suggested records appear. These instant results allow quick access to a record before performing a full search. If the desired record is not listed in the auto-suggested records simply execute the search to display a full list of results. If the record is found consider using a more specific search term or refining the search results to find the desired record.

2. Search Results

Global Search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them. It also arranges the search results accordingly. Results for the object you use most frequently appear at the top of the list.

For performance purposes, the initial list of search results may not display results from all objects. After performing a Global Search, click Search All to search across all items using your current search terms. 

3. Advanced Search Techniques

Users may invoke more control over their search results through the use of wildcards and operators.

3.1. Using Search Wildcards

  • Use an asterisk (*) to find items that match zero or more characters at the middle or end of your query.
  • Use a question mark (?) to find items that match only one character at the middle or end of your query.

3.2. Using Search Operators

  • AND - search for items that match all of the search terms.
  • AND NOT - search for items that don't contain the search term.
  • OR - search for items containing at least one of the search terms.
  • Parenthesis - group search terms together (grouped search terms are evaluated before other terms in your string).
  • Quotation marks - search for items that match all of the search terms in the order entered.

For more details on global search please see the following platform documentation:

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