AdvoLogix Matter Management

Add or Remove Licenses


If you need to add or remove license(s), please contact the corresponding contact information provided below.

Advologix Direct Customer

Reach out to your Sales Representative by phone or email


call our Sales Department @

P: 1-888-898-2386  Ext. 701
F: 1-888-898-2386


call our Billing and Services Department @

P: 1-888-898-2386  Ext. 703

Salesforce Direct Customer/AdvoLogix AppExchange App User

When you install a licensed managed package in your organization from AppExchange, you purchase a certain number of licenses from the package developer or publisher. You can assign each license to a user within your organization. If you assign all available licenses, but would like to grant licenses to additional users, you can reassign a license or purchase more.

Users with a Checkout account can add licenses for your organization. If your organization doesn't have self-service access to Checkout, submit a request to your representative.

To add more licenses, you must create a quote using Checkout.

For more detailed instructions on creating a quote, see the help.

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