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From the Home tab, you can view your calendar and tasks, and select tab and sidebar options to access other information. You can also search for information and view messages and custom links provided by your administrator.

The tabs at the top of the page let you access different types of information.

Tabs can be organized into groups called apps, which make it easy to switch between sets of tabs that relate to one another. In addition to the standard apps, such as Sales and Call Center, your administrator can create custom apps to define the tabs that you see. You can switch between apps by choosing from the App menu at the top of the page.

User Menu

User Menu

Your Name

My Profile

~ navigates you to your chatter profile page


~ opens gray left-hand setup tab ang the Home page

Developer Console

~ Administrators ONLY: Use the tools in the Developer Console to edit and debug your source code and analyze how it runs.


~ Logs you out of advologix application ( Platform logout)

App Menu

App Menu

Used to switch between Apps

An “app” is a group of tabs that works as a unit to provide application functionality.

Your available custom apps are listed in the App menu, which is a drop-down list that displays at the top of every page.

Apps are associated with profiles. Profiles control which tabs you can see or hide, as well as which apps are available to you.

Help Menu

Help Menu

Clicking HELP brings you to platform specific help

For Advologix Specific help go to:

 Advologix Setup TAB

then click the More from Advologix... SUBTAB

Choose the Link to Advologix® Help & Documentation



Global Search

From the header search box you can search more objects than sidebar search and advanced search, including articles, documents, products, solutions, and Chatter feeds, files, groups, and people.

You can use wildcards, operators, and filters to refine your search.

Global search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them, and arranges the search results accordingly. Search results for the objects you use most frequently appear at the top of the list.

You must have Chatter enabled to use global search.


~ If global search is enabled, sidebar search and advanced search aren't enabled.

~ Global search is not supported in partner portal or Customer Portal.

~ Only users with supported browsers can use global search.


The options in your sidebar may vary if your administrator has customized your home page layout.

Note: If your administrator has enabled the collapsible sidebar, you have the choice to show or hide the sidebar as needed. Click the edge of the sidebar or press ALT+S to open or close the sidebar as needed. Opening the sidebar using ALT+S automatically places your cursor in the Search box.

Sidebar ~ Create New

The Create New drop-down list, available in the sidebar, provides options to create new records. To create a new record using the drop-down list:

  1. Select the type of record you want to create. The new record page immediately displays in the appropriate tab or the Upload a File dialog box displays if you selected File.
  2. Fill in the fields.
  3. Click Save
Sidebar ~ Shortcut / Unresolved items

My Unresolved Items is a list of contacts, events, emails, and tasks that have been added to instance but haven't yet been associated with other records.

~ You’ll use this list to manually assign items or confirm that you want to leave them unassigned. 

You can access all your unresolved items from either the sidebar shortcut Unresolved Items, or the home page links for unresolved emails, tasks, and events.

Sidebar ~ Recent Items

In the Recent Items section of the sidebar column, you see a short list of up to 10 specific accounts, contacts, matters, documents, users, or other objects you’ve most recently added or viewed.

~ To see the details of an item, click the name of the item.

Sidebar ~  Recycling Bin

The Recycle Bin link in the sidebar lets you view and restore recently deleted records for 15 days before they are permanently deleted. Your recycle bin record limit is 25 times the Megabytes (MBs) in your storage.

 See:  Advologix: Support and General FAQs: Recycling Bin



Chatter works in accordance with all of the security and permission settings in your Salesforce organization. Chatter is enabled by default for organizations created after June 22, 2010.

Chatter is not supported:

~ Using Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0

~ For portal users

~ In the Console tab

See: Advologix: Chatter: Chatter

Additionally, See's Chatter Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Chatter Overview

Active Users: Chatter Overview



Your administrator can create customized Home tab pages that display customized components such as a dashboard snapshot or your company logo. If your Home tab contains a dashboard snapshot, you can change the dashboard settings.

Click Customize Page in the Dashboard section of the Home tab if yours contains a dashboard. Use this page to select a different dashboard to display on the Home tab. Click Refresh to refresh the data in your dashboard.

See: Advologix: Analytics: Dashboards

Additionally, See's Dashboards Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Dashboards Overview

Active Users: Dashboards Overview

Items to Approve

Items to Approve

The Items to Approve related list tracks the open approval requests assigned to you. If your administrator has created an approval process for your organization, you may see this related list on your home page.

Additionally, See's Items to Approve Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Items to Approve

Active Users: Items to Approve



From the Home tab, you can view, create, and edit events and tasks. The My Tasks and Calendar sections display on the Home tab if they are included as components on your home page layout.

Using the Calendar Section

In the Calendar section on the Home tab, you can:

  •    Click New Event to create a new event.
  •    Click the Scheduled Meetings subtab to view a list of the events you have scheduled for the next seven days.
  •    Click the Requested Meetings subtab to view meetings you have requested but not confirmed.

   ~ This tab displays a maximum of 100 requested meetings.

   ~ Click the subject of the meeting to open its detail page where you can cancel and reschedule the meeting.

  •    See Customizing Activity Settings.

   ~ View a small calendar of the current month.

   ~ Navigate to different views of your calendar

See: Advologix: Activites: Home Page Calendar

Additionally, See's My Tasks Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Using Your Calendar and Tasks on the Home Page

Active Users: Using Your Calendar and Tasks on the Home Page

My Tasks

My Tasks

From the Home tab, you can view, create, and edit events and tasks. The My Tasks and Calendar sections display on the Home tab if they are included as components on your home page layout.

Using the My Tasks Section

In the My Tasks section on the Home tab, you can:

  • Click New to create a Task
  • View a list of tasks assigned to you. Up to fifteen tasks can be displayed; to view all your tasks, click View More.
  • The recurrence icon (two arrows in a circle) identifies tasks that are part of a recurring series.
  • Choose a time frame from the drop-down list to change which tasks display.
  • Assign unresolved emails to related records; to view all your unassigned emails, click My Unresolved Items.
  • If your organization has enabled hover links for the My Tasks list, hover your mouse over the subject of a task to see the details of the task in an overlay. Alternatively, click the subject of a task to open the detail page of that task.
  • Click X to close a task.

See: Advologix: Activites: Tasks

Additionally, See's My Tasks Documentation

Dev/Trial Users: Using Your Calendar and Tasks on the Home Page

Active Users: Using Your Calendar and Tasks on the Home Page

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