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Personal Calendars in Classic

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The personal calendar views display the logged-in user's Calendar and open Tasks. The potential exists to display other user's Calendars and display detailed Activity lists.

How can I access the personal calendar?

Home Page Components

Home Page Components

The most common way to access the calendar is by using the Calendar and My Task home page components. The Calendar and Task components are selected for display on the home page individually. These components are docked on the user's home page and provide immediate access to several display modalities.

1. The Calendar Section displays the next seven days of scheduled Events.

2. Use the Calendar to quickly navigate to a specific day view.

3. Quickly display optional views and print reports. Choose from Single or Multiple-user display modes, List View display mode. Also select from Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendar display modes.

4.Quickly create new Events, Tasks and Meeting requests.

5. View your Task list filtered by the options in #6.

6. Select which Tasks should be displayed. (Next Seven Days, All Open, etc.)

See this detailed article for more information on using the calendar components.

Other Options

  • A Calendar shortcut can optionally be displayed in the sidebar. This shortcut will open your last used calendar view. For this option to be available, your Administrator must enable this shortcut organizationally.
  • The detail page for an event or a task offers the same Calendar View links as the home page calendar.
  • An Activities List view provides a direct tabular view of Tasks and Events. Standard List View features provide a broad range of functionality including Mass Update. This method is particularly useful for manipulating an existing (definable) set of Activities.


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