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Changing the Owner of a Contact

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You can change the ownership of a Contact from the Contact Detail page.

Contacts Tab

Contacts TAB

Clicking the Contacts tab brings you to the Contacts tab home page.  The Contacts tab displays a home page that lets you quickly create and locate all types of Contacts.

Choose a Contact

Choose a Contact
  1. Click on the name of a contact in the recent contacts list -OR-
  2. Choose a list view to find the contact you are looking, and click the Name of the contact to navigate to the contact detail record

Select a Contact to Make an Owner Change

Select a Contact to make an owner change

Select the name of the desired Contact.

Choose Change

Choose Change

Select [Change] next to the name of the current owner.

Ownership Edit Page

Ownership Edit Page
  1. Type all or part of the new owner's name in the search field.
  2. Select the look-up icon:
    • Selecting the look-up opens a lookup search dialog window that allows you to search for the person you want to add as the new owner. 
    • A blank look-up is performed when the look-up icon is selected without entering a search term.
  3. Select the Send Notification Email checkbox to notify the new owner.
    • The From email address displayed in the notification is the return email address as set in the Email Address field of the email settings.
  4. Select Save to save the changes.

Back to the Contact

Back to the Contact

You will be returned to the Contact detail page where you can observe the ownership changed.

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