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Edit an Existing Report

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From the report run page, you can:

 1. View Report Generation Status.

 2. Change top-level groupings using the Summarize information by drop-down.

 3. Use Show drop-down to change the Scope of records that are pulled into the report (All Accounts, My Accounts - All Matters, My Matters, etc.)

 4. Change Time Frame options.

 5. Click Run Report drop-down to immediately run or schedule the report.

 6. Click Show Details to view all data or Hide Details to show only summary information.

 7. Click Customize to open the report in report builder (SEE Details Below)

 8. Save or Save As the report (Use Save As to rename and existing report without overwritting it)

 9. Delete the report.

 10. Print

 11. export the report.

 12. Click Edit next to the chart to change its properties

    ~  OR ~ Click Large, Medium, or Small to change its size.

 13. Edit or clear applied filter criteria.

 14. For summary and matrix reports

       ~ Filter selected rows by a particular field.

       ~ Select the rows you want to view,

       ~ Choose a field to group by, then click Drill Down.

                 * For example, if you created an opportunity report that displays deals by industry, you can select the industries that are doing well and group by Product Name to see which products are selling in that industry.

       ~ Click Clear to remove the drill-down filter.

For a complete list of options and descriptions, SEE's: Report Run Page Options.

Report Builder

Report Builder

Using the report builder

   1. Click Save to save the report / Save As to resave the report with an alternative name

   2. Click Close to exit the report builder.

   3. Click Report Properties to change a report's name, description, or folder.

   4. Find fields using Quick Find and field-type filters.

   5. Add fields to the report by double-clicking or dragging them into the Preview pane.

   6. Set report filters in the Filters pane

   7. Summarize fields on reports.

     ~ Add and reorder groupings on summary and matrix reports.

     ~ Add custom summary formulas to summary and matrix reports.

     ~ Reorder columns by dragging them.

   8. Click the Format drop-down to choose between tabular, summary, and matrix formats.

   9. Click the Show drop-down to toggle the Details, Drop Zones, and Chart options, and edit Conditional Highlighting and Currencies Using.

  10. Click Add Chart to define a chart for the report.

  11. Click Remove all coumns to start fresh

  12. Click Run the Report to see the completed report

For additional details on the report Builder SEE Lesson: How Do I Use The Report Builder?

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