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View Document Lists (legacy)

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The documents list page displays a list of documents in a selected folder. From this page, you can view detailed document information or manipulate the document.

Documents and the functionality included with it is only available in the Classic user interface.

  1. Click the document name to view document properties.
  2. Click Edit next to a document to view document file properties.
  3. Click Del to move the document to the Recycle Bin.
  4. Click View to open the file in its associated application. If a file type is not recognized or the application is not loaded on your machine, Salesforce displays a standard download dialog prompting you to choose a save option.
  5. Choose a folder to view a list of documents stored in that folder.
  6. Click any column heading to sort the documents in ascending order by the information in that column. Click the same column heading again to sort documents in descending order.
  7. At the top and bottom of the list, click a letter to display the contents of the sorted column that begin with that character.
  8. Click Next Page or Previous Page to go to the next or previous set of documents.
  9. At the bottom of the document list, select fewer or more to view a shorter or longer display list.
  10. Click Printable View to display the current list view in a format that is ready for printing.

If you can't find a document, you may not have access to the folder that contains it. For more information about folders, see Managing Folders.

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