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After log in, you are immediately brought to the Home page. On this page is everything in context with YOU. This provides you with quick and easy access to the information you will likely use most often. Customization of the Home tab include components such as sidebar links, a company logo, or a dashboard snapshot. A dashboard snapshot is a clipping of the top row of a dashboard’s components. Just like other tabs, you can also assign different home page layouts to different users based on profile, standard components, such as Recent Items and Messages & Alerts, Dashboard, etc. and any custom components you create. You can create custom components such as a logo. Additionally, you can edit some standard components.

Navigate to Setup

Click Your Name

Choose Setup

Defining Home Page Components

Defining Home Page Components

Click Home Page Components, Click Edit link next to the component you want to edit in Standard Components. If there is no Edit link next to a component, it is read only.

Changes made to the Standard Components

Changes made to the Standard Components

1.  When editing the standard Messages & Alerts component, enter the text you want to display to users. (If entering HTML code for your message, make sure it is self-contained, well-formed HTML.)

2.  When editing the Custom Links component, enter the link text to display to users in the Bookmark field. In the URL field, enter the complete website address, such as ""

     To link to a Salesforce page, such as a frequently-viewed report, enter only the part of the URL after "," for example, "/00Ox0000000esq4." These links always open within the main Salesforce window, not in a popup window.

Creating Custom Components

Creating Custom Components

Click Home Page Components, Click New button to create Custom Components. Select the TYPE of custom component, and click on Next button.

Choose the Custom Component Type

Choose the Custom Component Type
  1. For Custom Link Components, select the appropriate custom links and click on Add button, after defining Home Custom Links first.
  2. For creating an Image Component, upload your image to the Documents.  (For more detailed information, see the help in the application.)
  3. For creating HTML Component, write HTML Code and select the position Wide or Narrow column.

Set the Home Page Layout

Set the Home Page Layout

On EDIT page, select the components to Show on the Home Page and click on Next button to select the order of components and Save.


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