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You can customize each of the custom tabs and types of records, including adding custom fields and setting page layouts. You can also customize search, tagging, and user interface options for your organization.



How do I cause advologix/ to generate a matter number automatically?

Paul Deschenes

This is something that can be done via Workflows:

Create a WorkflowRule for object of Matter.
Add an "AutoNumber" Field on Matter, say: Matter_Auto_Number_Numeric__c.
Add a Field Update on the WorkflowRule created above.
In that Field Update use Formula to evaluate the returned value.
(The field update should occur on Matter Number field of Matter):
The formula can be:
LPAD(TEXT(DAY(TODAY())), 2, '0') & "-" & LPAD(TEXT(MONTH(TODAY())), 2, '0') & "-" & LPAD(TEXT(YEAR(TODAY())), 4, '0') & "-" & Matter_Auto_Number_Numeric__c
It will return auto number matter number such as DD-MM-YYYY-{NNNN} ... where {NNNN} is an auto generated number.

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