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AdvoLogix system administrators can customize each of the standard tabs and types of records, including adding custom fields and setting page layouts.  AdvoLogix system administrators can also customize search results, tagging, and user interface options for their organization.  In addition, every AdvoLogix user can customize various personal display options.

Personal Setup: My Personal Information

The Personal Setup section contains setup and customization options to help each Advologix User to personalize much of the Advologix application for their use.

Expand the My Personal Information folder under Personal Setup to access the following options:

·Personal Information—Edit your user information,create quotas, view login history, and more.

·Change My Password—Change your password.

·Reset My Security Token—Reset the security token that you may need to log into Salesforce from outside your company's trusted network.

·My Groups—Add, update, or delete your personal groups.

·Change My Display—Customize your display of tabs and related lists.

·Grant Login Access—Allow Customer Support representatives or your administrator to log in to your account.

·Calendar Sharing—Allow other users, personal and public groups, roles, or roles and subordinates to view your calendar.

·Reminders—Set your personal preferences for activity reminders.

·Record Type Selection—Set your preferences for automatic selection of default record types.

Personal Setup: Email

Expand the Email folder under Personal Setup to access the following options:

· My Email Settings—Set your outbound email settings.

· My Templates—Create and edit your own email templates.

· My Stay-in-Touch Settings—Set your preferences for emails requesting contact information updates.

· My Mass Emails—View the status of my Mass Emails

Personal Setup: Import

Expand the Import folder under Personal Setup to access the following options:

· Import My Accounts & Contacts—Import accounts and contacts that you own.

Personal Setup: Desktop Integration

Expand the Desktop Integration folder under Personal Setup to access the following options:

· Check for Updates—See what desktop client versions you have and install update.

· Salesforce for Outlook—Install Salesforce for Outlook to integrate your data with Microsoft® Outlook.

· Connect Offline—Install Connect Offline to work remotely when you are not online.

· Chatter Desktop—Chatter Desktop is a free desktop application that lets you collaborate in Chatter without a browser. Use Chatter Desktop to post and comment in Chatter, and receive updates about the people, records, and files you follow and your groups. Chatter Desktop also displays Chatter updates in popup notifications.

Personal Setup: My Chatter Settings

Chatter Desktop is enabled for most organizations, but administrators can control access to Chatter Desktop as follows:


Expand the My Chatter Settings folder under Personal Setup to access the following options.

  • My Feeds

~ Automatically follow records you created

~ Receive approval request as private Chatter posts

  • Chatter Email SettingsConfigure when and how frequently you want Chatter to send you emails

Personal Setup: My Social Accounts and Contacts Settings

The Social Accounts and Contacts feature lets you view social network profiles and other social information for your accounts, contacts, and leads, directly in Salesforce. Easy access to this information provides your sales users with social sales intelligence that they can use to better meet existing and potential customers’ needs.


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