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Click Create New Folder or Edit from most pages that list folders. On the Reports tab, click and select New Report Folder or New Dashboard Folder to create a folder, or click to edit.

  1. Enter a Folder Label. The label is used to refer to the folder on user interface pages.
  2. If you have the “Customize Application” permission, enter a unique name to be used by the API and managed packages.
  3. Choose a Public Folder Access option. Select read/write if you want users to be able to change the folder contents. A read-only folder can be visible to users but they can't change its contents.
  4. Select a report, dashboard, or template that has not been filed and click Add to store it in the new folder. Skip this step for document folders.
  5. Choose a folder visibility option:
  6. This folder is accessible by all users, including portal users gives folder access to all users in your organization, including portal users.
  7. This folder is accessible by all users, except for portal users gives folder access to all users in your organization, but denies access to portal users. This option is only available for report and dashboard folders in organizations with a partner portal or Customer Portal enabled. If you don't have a portal, you won't see it.
  8. This folder is hidden from all users makes the folder private.
  9. This folder is accessible only by the following users allows you to grant access to a desired set of users:
  10. Choose “Public Groups”, “Roles,” “Roles and Subordinates,” “Roles, Internal and Portal Subordinates” (if you have portals enabled), “Territories,” or “Territories and Subordinates” from the Search drop-down list. The choices vary by Edition and whether your organization has territory management.


When you share a folder with a group, managers of the group members have no access to the folder unless those managers are also members of the group.

  1. If the Available for Sharing list does not immediately display the desired value, enter search criteria and click Find.
  2. Select the desired value from the Available for Sharing list and click Add to move the value to the Shared To list.
  3. Click Save.

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