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Using the Report Builder


Report builder is a visual editor for reports. The report builder interface consists of three panes: Fields, Filters, and Preview. To optimize screen real estate, report builder uses a compressed page header. To view your application tabs, simply close the builder or click the Salesforce logo.

Fields Pane - The Fields pane lists all accessible fields in the selected report type, organized by the sections defined in the page layout.

  • Find the fields you want using the Quick Find search box and field type filters, then drag them into the Preview pane to add them to the report.
  • Create, view, edit, and delete your custom summary formulas in the Fields pane as well.

Filters Pane - Set the view, time frame, and custom filters to limit the data shown in the report.

Preview Pane - The dynamic preview makes it easy for you to customize your report. Add, reorder, and remove columns, summary fields, formulas, and groupings.

  • Change the report format and display options, or add a chart.
  • The preview shows only a limited number of records.
  • Run the report to see all your results.

Report Builder Tour

Report Builder Tour

For additional Details see's: Report Builder Tutorial Video

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