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How do I assign a Task to another person or multiple persons?

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Single User Assignment: To assign the task to another user, enter a user’s name, or select a user with the lookup icon.

Multiple User Assignment: You can create a task so that up to 100 users are each assigned an independent copy of the task.

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New Task Creation Page

New Task Creation PAGE

By default, the task is assigned to the creator.

Change 'Assigned To' Field

Change Assigned to Field

To assign the task to another user

1. Enter a user’s name


2. Select a user with the lookup icon (see next Step 'Lookup a User')

Lookup a Single User

Lookup a Single User

Type a Name in Search

Click Go

Click on the FULL NAME of the Correct Result

Lookup Multiple Users

Lookup Multiple Users

1. Choose Multiple Users Tab in Lookup

2. Choose 'Search' Drop down menu option (Arrow shows how you can select what type of group or groups of users to display results from)

3. Alternately, type in 'For:' and click Find to see a specific result

4. Choose from Available Members

5. Add or Remove chosen results from Available Members to Selected members sections

6. See Selected Members

7. Click Done when you have chosen all the members you desire

New Task for Multiple Users

New Task for Multiple Users

See the Assigned to: field now has multiple members in it

And the arrow shows how many tasks are going to be created from this one Task Assignment process

Finish Completing Task

Finish Completing Task

Fill in the rest of the Task information and Save.

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