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Introduction to Accounts


The Account record allows your organization to collect information about the organizations your team interacts with. The account record helps support other records (matters, contacts, activities, etc.) that collectively give your organization a 360° view of your business relationships.

In AdvoLogix, matters have the ability to be related to a primary account which is useful for identifying the client related to the matter.  Additional accounts can be related to a matter through the participants related list or by adding custom lookup fields to the matter object. Common account relationships might include clients, courts, medical facilities, and insurance companies.

If an organization serves multiple locations or divisions you may choose to use account hierarchies. In AdvoLogix, you can link multiple offices (of an organization) by using the parent account field on the account record. 

Accounts List Views

In lightning experience, clicking on the Accounts tab brings you to the list views for accounts.  The accounts tab allows the user to quickly create and locate all types of accounts and also sort and filter the accounts using standard and custom list views. In addition, this tab lets you view and edit detailed information on each account to which the user has access.

Accounts Home Page

In the classic user interface, clicking on the Accounts tab brings you to the Accounts Home Page.  Choose from the available pre-packaged account lists, Edit or Create a New list using your filter criteria.

  1. In the Recent Accounts section, select an item from the drop-down list to display a brief list of the top accounts matching that criteria. From the list, you can click any account name to go directly to the account detail. Toggle the Show 25 items and Show 10 items links to change the number of items that display.  Or you can click the New Button to add a New Account.
  2. Under Reports, click any report name to jump to that report.
  3. Under Tools, select any of the links  to access utilities for managing your accounts.
  4. Select the New Button to add a new account.
  5. Choose from the available pre-packaged Account list views, edit or Create a New list using your filter criteria.

The Accounts Home Page is only available in the classic interface.

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