What is Content?

With Content you can organize, share, search, and manage content within your organization and across key areas of the application. Content can include all file types, from traditional business documents such as Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations to audio files, video files,Web pages, and Google® docs.

System Administrators

  • Set Up Content  – Provision Salesforce Content to your user base and set up permissions that dictate who can publish, tag, archive, and comment on documents.
  • Create a Work space – Create a work space, add members, and assign different user rights.
  • Create Custom Content Fields  – Add custom fields to categorize content in a way that is specific to your business.
  • Recommend Content Based on Data  – Suggest relevant content based on data from opportunities, cases, and other records your sales, service, and marketing reps are working in Salesforce CRM.

Content Publishers

  • Sharing and Managing Content  – Publish, update, and archive content in work spaces that other users can access.
  • Advanced Tips on Sharing Content – Access prior document versions, share content to multiple work spaces, view usage data, and collaborate with peers to maximize the value of your content.

End Users

  • Find the Most Relevant Content – Find the documents you need in a snap, subscribe to receive proactive alerts about new or updated materials, and provide front-line feedback to improve the quality of content everyone uses.
  • Advanced Tips to Leverage Content – Use time-saving tips to find information quickly, and leverage the materials your peers have found most valuable.
  • Get Proactive Content Recommendations – Have the most relevant presentations, case studies, and collateral delivered right to you based on the data you enter in Salesforce.