Configuring Custom List Views

You can create new list views to see a specific set of records such as Contacts, Accounts, or Matters filtered by criteria you define.  

Choose a Tab

Select the Create New View link.

Name the List View

Enter View Name
  1. Enter a View Name (This name will then appear on the tab views drop-down list, once completed with creation).
  2. If you see a View Unique Name  -- it will generally self populate once you enter a View Name and click away from that  field.  (If you have the Customize Application permission, you can enter a unique name to be used by the API and managed packages.)

Specify Filter Criteria

Specify Filter Criteria
  1. Specify the Filter By Owner option, such as records owned by you or all records
    • Optionally, limit the data using search criteria to Filter By Additional Fields. (For example, “Owner Last Name' equals 'Smith' will eliminate any records not owned by an employee (user) with the Last name Smith.)
  2. Choose a Field by which you want to limit the results.
  3. Choose an Operator from the second drop-down list.  (For more info see's Filter operators)
  4. In the last field, enter a Value for a search term.

Add Filter Logic

Add Filter Logic

5. Select Add Filter Logic to change the default and relationship between each filter.

For more information see's  'Filter Logic Tips'

Select Fields to Display

Select Fields to Display
  1. Highlight and choose the custom or standard fields from the Available Fields
  2. Add or remove the highlighted fields to/from Selected Fields
  3. Choose the position of the Selected Fields

Restrict Visibility

Restrict Visibility
  1. Administrators and users with the Manage Public List Views permission can set the visibility to make the view available to specific groups or roles.
  2. Select Save

Tips on Sorting & Printing List Views

  1. Once you have created your view, click on any column heading to sort by the data in that particular column -- Click the heading again will reverse the sort.
  2. The small black arrow will move to the new column chosen  -- it will point up for sorted as A - Z or point down for sorted as Z - A
  3. You can choose to sort by a specific letter (specific to first letter of value in column chosen) alphabetically with the letter list  - (For example, Choose column Account and Click 'B' in the alphabet section and all Accounts that begin with the letter be will show in the list view -- The small black arrow will  point up for sorted as 'Ba - Bz' or point down for sorted as 'Bz - Ba')
  4. You can print list views for some kinds of records.  (See's Printing List Views for more details).