Resetting a User's Password <Video>

An Administrator can manually reset one or more users passwords in the manage users section of the application. Users will then receive an email (at the email address listed on their user record). After recieving the email, users will need to follow the directions in the email to complete the password reset steps.

Tips on Resetting Passwords:

Resetting a users' passwords, might cause them to have to activate their computers to successfully log in

See: Activating Your Computer

Resetting a locked-out users' passwords automatically unlocks their accounts and allows access with the correct login credentials.

When users lose their passwords, they can click the "Forgot your password?" link on a failed login page to receive a new password via email.

~ After they correctly answer their previously defined security question before they can reset their password and log in.

See: Reseting Your Forgotten Password

Additionally, An Administrator can customize part of the page where the user answers the security question with additional information about where to go to for help.

See: Password Policies

Navigate to Setup

Click on Your Name

Select Setup

Manage Users

Manage Users

Under Administration Setup

Choose Manage Users

Select Users

1. Check the checkbox next to the person whose password you wish to reset (Optionally, to change the passwords for all currently displayed users, check the box in the column header to select all rows.)

2. Click Reset Password button



Click OK



Users will recieve an email notification - Shown Below

User ~ Password Reset Email Notification

Lesson Video ~ Resetting a User's Password