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AdvoLogix Spring 2018 Major Release  (version number 1.74.x)

AdvoLogix provides two types of releases, major releases and patch releases. Major releases are seasonal, occurring three to four times per year and are generally accompanied by new functionality. Patch releases provide minor functional improvements and issue resolutions. It is important to note, patch releases are automatically installed for all customers on the current major release.

Major releases are not automatically installed into your organization. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest major release of AdvoLogix.

Matter Management

Conflict Check (new)

Historically AdvoLogix has provided extensive functionality to assist organizations with conflict checking requirements. Our new Conflict Check feature improves the process through a centralized and cohesive user experience and work space. 

  • Conflict searches and their results are memorialized and maintained within the context of a Matter (or potential Matter).
  • Potential conflicts are itemized with the ability to refer to the underlying conflict source, assign a status, and add commentary.
  • Potential Account and Contact conflicts may be quickly explored via the AdvoLogix Participation Map.
  • Organization collaboration is facilitated and managed in-context to the Conflict Check using Chatter.
  • Tasks and Events can be assigned in-context and related to the Conflict Check.
  • The conflict Check can be initiated manually or through AdvoLogix's built in APIs for Apex and automated business processes (Process Builder, Triggers, etc)

The Conflict Check feature is available in the Lightning Experience only.

Court Entities (new)

The new AdvoLogix Court Entity system allows organizations to establish Court Systems, Venues and Courts in which they practice or conduct business. 

  • Courts may be assigned a  unique set of Business Hours for managing court holidays. Establishing the business hours of the Court allows AdvoLogix Activity Plans to automatically adhere to the Court's business days.
  • Courts may be optionally associated with a specific Judge.
  • By adding the new Court field to the Matter, the implementation of this feature allows the assignment of jurisdictional governance at the Matter level.


The Participant management system now supports the ability to add custom Participant record types. This allows organizations granular control of the information collected for their Participants. All aspects of the AdvoLogix Participant management system (Participation Map, Batch Participant Entry, etc.) support this new functionality.


  • The AdvoLogix Lightning Timeline  filtering capability has been improved. Users may now quickly select between displaying all data types or individually selected data types.
  • Performance enhancements improve the display of large sets of data within the Timeline.

Billing and Timekeeping

Multi Timer

A new Multi Timer option allows the Multi Timer to display the Matter name in the list of active Timers proving greater detail within the viewing area of the timer list. This feature is best suited for implementations of the Multi Timer in a wide section layout.

Calendars and Scheduling

Date Calculation Business Rules

This release  includes a rich new set of date calculation business rules. This new capability allows workflow automation to more intelligently schedule activity dates by preventing activity assignments on non-business days. Organizations have the option to use a single business calendar or create multiple (unique) business calendars. Business calendar selection can be automatically determined on a matter by matter basis by virtue of the court or business division to which the matter is assigned.

Date Calculator (new)

The new AdvoLogix Date Calculator (illustrated above) performs a variety of advanced date calculations with sophisticated options for incorporating organizational business calendars. As a Lightning component, the Date Calculator may be incorporated within the user experience in a variety ways including; the utility bar, home pages, record pages, and the Gmail and Outlook side bars.

Date calculations Include:

  1. Add or Subtract n number of Calendar Daysto/from a given date.
    • Supports adjusting the result when a date falls on a weekend or non-business day.
    • Allows dynamic selection of organizational *Business Hours for determining business days.
  2. Add or Subtract n number of Business Daysto/from a given date.
    • Allows dynamic selection of organizational *Business Hours for determining business days.
  3. Count the number of Calendar Days between two dates.

  4. Count the number of Business Daysbetween two dates.
    • Allows dynamic selection of organizational *Business Hours for determining business days.

* If Business hours have not been configured organizations may opt to use weekdays. 

The Date Calculator feature is available in the Lightning Experience only.

Activity Plans

  • We have renamed the AdvoLogix Action Plans functionality to Activity Plans. The new terminology more accurately reflects our capabilities and removes any confusion with 3rd party features available on the AppExchange.
  • Activity Plans now support the ability to count offset days by Business Days, Calendar Days, or Weekdays. Previously, Activity Plans only supported counting offset days by Calendar Days.
  • Activity Plans now have the ability to adjust dates back or forward when falling on a non-business day. Previously Activity Plans could adjust dates falling on weekends only. This feature applies when counting offset days by Calendar Days.
  • Activity Plans now support the ability to assign multiple users to Activity Plan Tasks.


XeBee Records (new)

XeBee’s integration with AdvoLogix offers legal professionals a convenient and secure system to
obtain and organize a wide variety of medical records and documents, without leaving the
AdvoLogix platform. The integration improves the efficiency of ordering, tracking, gathering, filing,
and organizing case materials which results in significant time and cost savings for each case. (pilot)

If your organization is a current subscriber of or would like to investigate the use of this service integrated with AdvoLogix please contact your AdvoLogix account executive for more information.

Other Notables

  • The new AdvoLogix Status Lightning component allows administrators to dock a collapsible section to their home page or utility bar for quick access to AdvoLogix system information, product news and the application guide.

  • Interim Release Improvements
    • Resolved an issue with embedded record links in the Billing Preview's printable view.
    • Resolved an issue with the Multi Timer when using multiple currency configurations.
    • Resolved an issue with Batch Time not rendering the Matter or Timekeeper under certain use cases.
    • Resolved an issue with the Focus Matters Visualforce component, date columns (in the list) could be off by one day (for certain users/time zones). This issue does not impact the Focus Matters Lightning component.
    • Improved the user experience for the Weekly Timesheet, Activities Tab, Add Existing Rates, Multi Timer, New Time global action, and the Timeline component, and Email panel.
    • Improved the meaningfulness of specific Multi Timer error notification messages.

Interim Releases


  • Resolved an issue with the Multi Timer when pasting text using the right-click mouse menu.
  • Enhanced batch entry dialogs to prevent double-clicking the Save button to avoid accidental duplication.
  • Improved the Billing Preview behavior when rendering large data sets.
  • Improved various user interface elements to support changes in the Salesforce Summer 18 release. 


  • Updated the URL redirection to accommodate the new Visualforce Domain. This domain will be automatically activated via the Critical Update scheduled for March 2019.


  • Fixed an issue that may prevent some users from saving time entries (from the multi-timer) when field-level permissions have been customized to hide specific fields.


  • Fixed an issue that may prevent package installation when updating to the latest version from some old package versions.


  • Increased the Billing Preview limit to 1000 total time and expense records per matter. Previously the limit was 500 time and 500 expense records.
  • Resolved an issue with the Batch Time dialog. The Timekeeper was not auto-populating when the column layout was customized in a specific way.
  • Resolved an issue with the default Responsible Percentage value for new participant records. In some cases the default value was populating as 10,000.00% instead of 100%.
  • Enhanced the Timeline Lightning component to always show incomplete tasks under the Next Steps section. Previously these tasks only showed under next steps if the task date was in the future, regardless of the status.
  • Enhanced the Timeline Lightning component to always show completed tasks under the Past Activity section. Previously these tasks only showed under past activity if the task date was in the past, regardless of the status.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue related to displaying record icons in the Matter Timeline.
  • When an org has customized the Conflict Check to search custom objects, the Conflict Check Result will now display the underlying icon for the custom object.
  • Enhanced the conflict check results with the addition of an AI generated auto-comment when the underlying Account or Contact result is only a Participant on the matter the conflict check has been assigned to.
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