AdvoLogix Matter Management

June 2022, Version 1.129.x


AdvoLogix Matter Management Major Release (version number 1.128.x)

AdvoLogix has adopted a continuous development model where releases are made available in a monthly cycle. Each release may include new features, bug fixes, and minor improvements as well. The releases are not automatically pushed to your organizations but can be updated from the AdvoLogix Setup tab within our application. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest release of AdvoLogix.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.129.0

  • Resolved an issue with the Matter Calendar not hiding weekends accurately for different locales.
  • Resolved an issue with the setup of the Relationship Maps within AdvoLogix Setup, where users were not able to load any relationship map configurations.
  • Resolved an issue with the Billing Preview lightning tab where users were unable to apply filters using URL parameters and in, some conditions, inaccurate filters were applied to load the data preview.
  • Resolved an issue with the Intake Form designer where users were not able to save the form with the files related list when multi-currency is enabled in the org.
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