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AdvoLogix Winter 2020 Major Release  (version number 1.90.x - 1.96.x)

AdvoLogix provides two types of releases, major releases, and patch releases. Major releases are seasonal, occurring three times (approximately) per year and are generally accompanied by new functionality. Patch releases provide minor functional improvements and issue resolutions. It is important to note, patch releases are automatically installed for all customers on the current major release.

Major releases are not automatically installed into your organization. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest major release of AdvoLogix.

Document Assembly

AdvoDoc Input Wizard (new)

Users can now modify the data field values from the base object record as well as the related list records within the AdvoDoc Template before generating the output, with the ability to save updated data back to the records.

AdvoDoc Template Dynamic Form (new)

An improved new AdvoDoc Template form that allows the creation of a template for any object in the organization.

The AdvoDoc Template Dynamic Form is available only in Lightning Experience.

Matter Management

Community Sharing (new)

Organizations can now share specific matters or matters being participated by any accounts or contacts with Community users.

Relationship Map (new)

The AdvoLogix Participation Map Lightning component has been extended to a fresh and new Relationship Map Lightning component. Relationship Maps can be customized and added to any object and display child relationships within that base object record.  Similar to how the Participation Map displays participation of accounts, contacts or users among different matters, here we have full control over which relationships we want to visualize.

The Relationship Map is available only in Lightning Experience.

Files Enhancement

Filter Files By Topics (new)

The Related Files Lightning component now has an option to use Topics with Files. This allows users to associate, filter, and search files by Topics in the component.

The functionality to filter Files by Topics is available only in Lightning Experience.

User Experience Improvements

Component Level User Filter Enhancements

A new and improved selection component has been introduced to display filter options throughout our AdvoLogix Lightning Component family. The enhanced component has real-time search and filter capability.  This will really benefit organizations that have a large number of list views on objects.  This change applies to the following components:

  • Matter Calendar (Lightning Component & Visualforce)
  • Task Checklist (Lightning Component)
  • Focus Matters (Lightning Component & Visualforce)
  • Billing Preview (Visualforce)
  • Matter Gantt (Visualforce)


CT Service of Process (SOP) Integration

The CT SOP integration has been enhanced to support Mass Actions for carrying out the operation in bulk such as downloading documents or creating Matters for a number of SOP Logs.

If your organization is a current subscriber of CT Corps's Service of Process or you would like to investigate the use of this service integrated with AdvoLogix, please contact your AdvoLogix account executive for more information. Integration

The CalendarRules integration can now adjust the related activity dates when the parent activity date is modified within a Docket.

Learn more about this new feature here: Creating and Modifying a CalendarRules Docket

Other Notables

  • Resolved an issue with the Focus Matters not displaying the percent (%) data symbol.
  • Resolved an issue where some users could not upload a contact photo from the Photo field.
  • Resolved an issue with the Matter Hierarchy not generating the chart in some rare cases.
  • Resolved an issue with the Time (in hours) field value not accepting decimal, for users, who have overridden the Time form with the AdvoLogix Lightning Component for the Time Entry.
  • Follow this link for a summary of interim release improvements that are also rolled into Winter 2020.

Interim Releases


  • Resolved an issue with Intake Forms not rendering lookup field's icon properly when used inside Sites page.


  • Resolved an issue with the Related Files publish dialog not opening correctly for community users.
  • Resolved an an issue with the Participation Map where (in some rare conditions) a few nodes may display as unconnected.
  • Improved loading performance for the Participation Map.
  • Resolved an issue with the Activity Plan duplicating on accidental double click of the Save button.


  • Task Checklist: 
    • Resolved an issue where users were unable to use the inline-edit capability of the component for Task Due Date.  
    • Enhanced the filtering capability by allowing the user's component selection to be saved in cached settings of the component so the selection will not be lost on subsequent navigation within AdvoLogix.
  • Resolved an issue with the Related Files publish dialog not hiding Library selection even when the global settings were set to display Files only.
  • Resolved an issue with the Activity Plan edit view not presenting the link to navigate back to the source Matter.


  • Resolved an issue within AdvoDoc document generation not identifying page-break functionality properly for MS Word output format.
  • Resolved an issue with Related Files component used within a Community, where users were getting an error when getting to the files publish dialog after uploading files.
  • Enhanced the Time form's ability to handle custom record types if they have been set up within your organization on the Time object.
  • Resolved an issue where some users would get an error after editing or saving a Relationship Map Template.
  • Resolved an issue with the sorting of activities as part of an Activity Plan.
  • Resolved an issue with the Participant Form, where some users were getting an error while saving the record.


  • Resolved a Time entry issue for users using the packaged Lightning Time Entry form.


  • Resolved an issue with Creating Time, from the Multi Timer, will not automatically compute the rounded Time if the Time Rounding capability is enabled within AdvoLogix Setup.


  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to mark a Task complete from within the Task Checklist component.
  • Resolved some user interface issues within the Conflict Check interface.
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