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AdvoLogix Spring 2019 Major Release  (version number 1.81.x)

AdvoLogix provides two types of releases, major releases and patch releases. Major releases are seasonal, occurring three times (approximately) per year and are generally accompanied by new functionality. Patch releases provide minor functional improvements and issue resolutions. It is important to note, patch releases are automatically installed for all customers on the current major release.

Major releases are not automatically installed into your organization. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest major release of AdvoLogix.

Matter Management

CT Service of Process Integration (new)

The AdvoLogix CT Service of Process (SOP) integration brings the capabilities of an organization’s CT SOP service in context with their AdvoLogix matter workflow and business process. The resulting integration provides an end to end cloud-based solution. 

The integration monitors and saves your organization's SOP activity within AdvoLogix. This allows AdvoLogix users the ability to follow a flexible SOP review workflow process and streamline matter on-boarding. A key element of the SOP workflow process is the ability to seamlessly create new matters using the underlying SOP Log information and our field mapping templates.

The platform collaboration capabilities of AdvoLogix allow organizations to implement SOP relevant notifications (to team members) at any stage of the SOP workflow.

Please see these articles for more information on the AdvoLogix CT SOP integration.

Participation Map Lightning Component (new)

The Participation Map is now available as a Lightning component. This allows designers to incorporate the capabilities of this component within the Lightning App Builder page designer. While the primary use case is for the matter page, the Participation Map component is also available for contact and account.

The Lightning component also has the following new Participation Map capabilities:

  • When displaying participation in the scatter view, the map initially defaults to the first generation of relationships. This is especially helpful for unfiltered, dense hierarchical relationships.

  • A new quick search option allows users to search the participants when viewing as a list. 

  • A new toolbar option allows users to quickly expand and contract the density of relationships through all four generations.

  • The Role filter has been improved to allow users to quickly select and apply a single (or more) role.

Intake Form Enhancements

  • Static Text Capability
    Intake forms now support the ability to strategically place formatted "static text" within the form. As with data fields, Static Text supports the Intake Designer's conditional display option.

  • Intake Designer "Save As" Option
    This new option within the Intake Designer allows users to quickly save a copy of an existing Intake Form.

  • Intake Designer Field Properties
    The original field name is now displayed as a subheading on the field property panel.

  • Launcher Search
    This new option allows the designer to hide the Launcher's search option. This option makes the launcher less complicated when using a small form set.
  • Files and Content
    The Matter Search Lightning component now includes the ability to search within Files and Content. As with other data types, this option can be enabled (and disabled) from the Matter Search Options dialog.

Timeline Enhancements

  • Chatter Field History Tracking
    When Chatter is enabled on the Matter Timeline, Chatter Field History Tracking is now included in the Chatter timeline element. These posts were not previously available in the Matter Timeline.

  • Email Items
    Timeline email items now include status information (read, etc) when available. 

Conflict of Interest Enhancements

  • Batch Conflict Check Custom Fields
    Organizations may now include custom fields while using the Batch Conflict of Interest checks.

  • Batch Conflict Check - No Results
    Starting with this release, Batch Conflict checks resulting in no search results will still create a conflict check record. This allows organizations to memorialize the conflict check, regardless of the search outcome.

Calendars and Scheduling

Activity Plan Enhancements

  • Support for Custom Activity Fields
    Organizations may now include custom activity fields (task or event) in the Activity Plan.

  • API Method
    This new AdvoLogix API method allows an existing task or event to be added to an existing activity plan.

Matter Calendar Enhancements

  • New Filter Options
    Users may now select a subset of items displayed in the calendar using additional list view filters.  New options allow list view filters when limiting Tasks or Time entries in the Matter Calendar.

  • Performance Enhancements
    We've improved the performance of the Lightning Matter Calendar when viewing high volumes of calendar data.  We've also added new options in the Lightning component allow the designer to limit the default number of rows to display per day. Additional rows may be seen via the "view more" option.

Task Checklists

  • Task List View Filters
    A new option allows users to select an existing list view filter to limit tasks displayed in the checklist.

  • Quick Filter for Task Type
    A new option allows users to quickly limit the items displayed in the checklist by the selected Task Type(s).

  • Flat Display Sort Order Control
    When displaying tasks ungrouped (flat) users may now sort the checklist using the list column headings.

Document Management

  • Related Files Component Enhancements
    The AdvoLogix Related Files Lightning component now supports the ability to quickly search within the text body of the documents.

Billing and Timekeeping

  • Billing Preview In-context Collaboration
    Users may now interactively collaborate around Time and Expense entries without leaving the Billing Preview or opening another window or dialog.  The new Chatter sidebar displays the currently selected item's (Time or Expense) Chatter feed with the ability to start new conversations or comment on an ongoing dialog.


CT Service of Process Integration (Pilot)

If your organization is a current subscriber of CT Corps's Service of Process or would like to investigate the use of this service integrated with AdvoLogix please contact your AdvoLogix account executive for more information.

Follow this link to read more about the AdvoLogix CT Service of Process  integration. (GA)

The AdvoLogix CalendarRules integration is now generally available (GA).  

Follow this link to read more about the AdvoLogix CalendarRules integration.

Other Notables

  • Follow this link for a summary of interim release improvements rolled into Spring 2019.

Interim Releases


  • The Focus Matters list  is now capable of displaying hyperlinked URL fields. 
  • The Related Files Lightning Component now supports the ability to the ability to publish metadata inline with the upload process. Previously this could only be done when publishing files to the Matter object.


  • Resolved issues related to using Activity Plans in the Salesforce Classic user experience: 
    1. the Matter field was not pre-populated 
    2. in some cases the Start Date could not be modified 
    3. in some cases the Activity Plan would reload activities from the underlying Activity Plan template.
  • Improved the Task Checklist error messaging for organizations that have disabled the Name lookup on Task object.
  • Improved the visual styling of the Intake Form's dependent picklists.


  • Resolved an issue with the Billing Preview's Time and Expenses checkboxes not being clickable.
  • Enhanced the Focus Matters behavior with the ability to right-click, opened in new tab.
  • Enhanced the Related Email Visualforce panel handling of email attachments.


  • Enhanced the Billing Preview's ability to handle large data sets.
  • Fixed an issue with List view filter not applying record type based filtering properly in Billing Preview.


  • Enhanced Billing Preview filter control behavior when using Focus Matter filtering.
  • Resolved an isolated issue with Billing Preview when in rare case next and previous paging controls were not available.
  • Resolved an issue with Batch Time regarding the Date field. This issue only impacted users with a specific locale setting.
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