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August 2022, Version 1.130.x

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AdvoLogix Matter Management Release (version number 1.130.x)

AdvoLogix has adopted a continuous development model where releases are made available in a monthly cycle. Each release may include new features, bug fixes, and minor improvements as well. The releases are not automatically pushed to your organizations but can be updated from the AdvoLogix Setup tab within our application. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest release of AdvoLogix Matter Management.

New Enhancements for Related Files Lightning Component

We have enhanced our Related Files⚡component with the ability to control the default sort order of the files list (by an administrator).  Users now have the ability to customize display columns within the component using the list builder. For more details, follow this link.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.130.1

  • Resolved an issue with Billing Preview⚡ lightning where not all time or expense entries were visible within a matter grouping if there were more than 200 entries to show.
  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to save Relationship Map Templates if there were more than 10 nodes to select.
  • Resolved an issue with Task Checklist component where the sort column would not remember the last column the data was sorted on within flat display of tasks.

Version 1.130.0

  • Improved Matter Calendar⚡ loading attributes, where (in some rare situations) the matter calendar would not load completely for users and freeze on loading progress indefinitely.
  • Resolved an issue with Relationship Map templates, where when creating a template users were not able to select any standard lookup relationship fields as relationship nodes.
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