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The Summer 2015 release of the ( platform will have new requirements for home page components. The AdvoLogix Quick Timer, Matter Calendar and Portal Welcome components must be replaced with updated versions from the current release of AdvoLogix.

This update is not applicable to your organization if your organization does not use the aforementioned components on your Home Page Layouts. Otherwise, please read the following instructions for upgrading your organization. The update (for most) should be quick and simple. Either method described below can be completed by your organization's AdvoLogix Administrator.

Method 1: Use the Built-in Update Link

The simplest way to prepare your Home Page Components for the Summer 15 release is to upgrade to the latest version of AdvoLogix and follow these steps:

1. Ensure your organization is using AdvoLogix 1.44 or greater. If your AdvoLogix Setup window does not resemble the illustration above, you will likely need to upgrade.

2. Open the AdvoLogix Setup tab.

3. There will be a Status Alert! message if your organization needs this update (as illustrated above). If this message is not displayed your organization has been previously updated, there is nothing further to do.

4. Click the update message in the Status Alert to continue.

5. A confirmation dialog will now indicate the Home Page Layouts requiring AdvoLogix component replacement.

6. Click Fix Home Page Layouts to verify to replace the outdated components.

Your components should now be updated!  If not, see step 7.

7. In some cases you may need to Edit/Save the Home Page Layout for the new updates to appear. No changes are necessary. The simple process of Edit/Next/Save does the trick. 

Method 2: Manually Replace the Components

Method 2: Manually Replace the Components

The components can be updated very easily using the Administrative Setup features of the Home Page Layouts. The objective of this procedure is to open each Home Page Layout (which uses an AdvoLogix component) and replace the old component with a new component. The component names are identified as follows:

  • Matter Calendar, is replaced by Matter Calendar Component
  • Portal Welcome Message, is replaced by Portal Welcome
  • Quick Timer, is replaced by Timer

This procedure also requires your organization to be using AdvoLogix 1.44 or greater.

Additional Resources

  • Should you need to upgrade to a new release, please review the release notes and upgrade instructions prior to attempting either of these procedures.
  • Unfortunately the obsolete home page components cannot be renamed or deleted from your configuration. This is a platform limitation that we will continue to monitor for the ability to remove or rename these components.
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