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AdvoLogix February 2015

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AdvoLogix February 2015 Major Release (version 1.43.x)

AdvoLogix provides two types of releases, major releases, and patch releases. Major releases are seasonal, occurring three times (approximately) per year and are generally accompanied by new functionality. Patch releases provide minor functional improvements and issue resolutions. It is important to note, patch releases are automatically installed for all customers on the current major release.

Major releases are not automatically installed into your organization. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest major release of AdvoLogix.

Accounting Seed Integration

AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed seamlessly coalesce together within your Salesforce organization to create a "best of breed" solution. There is no need to synchronize across different platforms because all data is centrally managed within the same ecosystem.

AdvoLogix provides Time and Expense tracking at the Matter level. This allows AdvoLogix to pair well with the billing and invoicing capabilities of Accounting Seed. In essence, the goal of our integration is to provide a seamless transfer of Matter-based Time and Expense tracking into an Accounting Seed Billing (aka Invoice).

The goals of the integration are:

  • To automatically create one Accounting Seed Project (and initial Task) for each AdvoLogix Matter.
  • To provide pre-process reporting and analysis for Time and Expenses.
  • To create Billing records in Accounting Seed from AdvoLogix Time & Expense records.
    For more details please see the integration manual.

AdvoLogix 1.43.5 is the minimum release required for the new AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration package.

New Fields on the Time Object

To facilitate the batch billing process of accounting integration we have added two new fields to the Time & Expense objects.

  • Disposition: Used to determine the disposition of the record during batch processing.
  • Status: When using the accounting integration, this field should be read-only and updated by the integration.
  • See the section on controlling Time & Expense behavior in the Accounting Seed integration notes for more information regarding these fields.


Do you use custom Record Types for the Time or Expense objects? If so, you will need to set the picklist values (for disposition & status) for each custom Record Type.

Billing Preview Enhancements

  • Added Edit link for the Time and Expense rows to allow direct edit instead of view then edit.
  • Added filter options for Status and Disposition.
  • Records with a Disposition of Do Not Bill will have an extended total Amount of $0.

Other Enhancements

  • Made available a custom Visualforce page with instructions for adding Box integration to an AdvoLogix Matter.
  • Improved the rate defaulting behavior when using Timekeeper specific Matter rates.
  • Modified the customer portal VF pages to also be used in Communities.
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