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AdvoLogix August 2014

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AdvoLogix August 2014 Major Release (version 1.38.1 - 1.34.4)

AdvoLogix provides two types of releases, major releases, and patch releases. Major releases are seasonal, occurring three times (approximately) per year and are generally accompanied by new functionality. Patch releases provide minor functional improvements and issue resolutions. It is important to note, patch releases are automatically installed for all customers on the current major release.

Major releases are not automatically installed into your organization. Click here for help with upgrading your organization to the latest major release of AdvoLogix.

Matter Calendar Enhancements

  • General improvements to the Matter Calendar in regard to performance. All implementations of the Matter Calendar have been addressed however specific focus was placed on the Salesforce1 user experience. 
  • The Matter Calendar option settings are more persistent. Previously options were saved in a browser cookie which meant each user's browser instance (home, work, etc) would have a separate setting (1). 
  • The Salesforce1 Matter Calendar now saves the option settings independently of the user's browser settings. This reduces the bandwidth requirement which improves performance by allowing users to display a lighter data set while using their Tablet on the road (1).
  • The Matter Calendar's "My Matters" option now uses the Matter Owner -AND- the Matter User Participants when determining if the Matter is "your/My Matter". Previously this option exclusively used the Matter Owner to determine the results (2).
  • Corrected issue when a custom DateTime field type was used in the Matter (3).
  • Corrected issue when using the "Edit in Standard Interface" option on Task & Event forms (3).

Other Improvements

  • In the Matter Content panel, clicking on a Library in the sidebar tree now filters the list of documents for the selected Library. Previously this was applicable only to Categories.
  • Scroll bars have been added to the "Maximized View" of the Matter Content Panel. Previously, extremely large sets of documents could not be easily traversed.
  • The Time edit form now displays a more appropriate Permissions warning when a custom Sharing Rule prevents the underlying data from being edited. The warning now appears before the form is opened. Previously the warning appeared after the user attempted to edit the data.
  • The Time edit now prohibits the user from entering too much text. The limit is 255 characters. (4)
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