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Error Contains: Row with Duplicate Name at Index (MM)

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When any error occurs with the following text within the error message "Row with duplicate Name at index".  We should know that the error may have come out from the background custom setting originating from the following components:

  • Participation Map
  • Relationship Map
  • Focus Matters


Why am I receiving this error?


Somehow multiple users were interacting with the Participation Map simultaneously and toggled the filters right at the same time. Normally this is handled well within our app and simultaneous use of our component does not cause this issue, but a very rare instance where Salesforce also could not lock down the data for an update allows data to be saved with the same Name in a system custom setting governed by the AdvoLogix app. Thus the error started occurring.

  1. Under Custom Settings >> AdvoLogix Global Options (List)
  2. Click on Manage to get to the screen below.
  3. Edit one of the records that has a duplicate name and change the Name field value to something unique in the list. The Name just needs to be unique throughout the list of records (see screenshot below).
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