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Matter Name Not Auto-Populating When Creating a Participant (MM)

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This article provides instructions for adding the buttons needed for the matter name to auto-populate when creating a new participant.


Why is the matter name not auto-populating when I create a new participant?


You will need to use the standard New button on the participant related list instead of the New Participant button for the matter to auto-populate.

To make this change, go to the gear icon at the top right of your screen and select Edit Object from the drop-down menu.  Go to Page Layouts and select the layout you want to make this change on.  Select Related Lists from the menu in the gray bar and find the Participants related list.  Select the wrench icon to the right.

Go to the Buttons section and click on the plus sign (+) to the right.

Select the checkbox to the left of New to enable the button.  Highlight New Participant in the the Selected Buttons box and use the arrows in the middle to move it to the Available Buttons box.

The following buttons will not auto-populate the matter name in lightning experience: Add AccountAdd ContactAdd OtherAdd User and New Participant

Once done, select the Ok button.

The matter name will now auto-populate when the New button on the participant related list is used.

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