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How do I upgrade AdvoLogix?

Updated Oct 08, 2018

The following instructions will allow your organization to upgrade an existing installation of AdvoLogix. Please refer to the release notes prior to installing an upgrade.

This process should be completed by your organization's Administrator. For security purposes your Administrator will be required to log in one or more times during this process.

Start from AdvoLogix Setup

The Application Status section will indicate if a new version is available.  Select Upgrade Available! and you will be asked to sign into your org.

If your org is using version 1.43 or earlier, you will need to contact to upgrade to the latest version.

Package Installation Confirmation

Next, you will be presented with the upgrade details and have an opportunity to select which security profiles will have access to AdvoLogix components.

  1. You will normally choose Install for All Users. Removing access at a later time is easier than adding individuals access after installation.
  2. Click the Upgrade button to continue with the upgrade. 

If you don’t install for all profiles (or add a profile later), you may need to add AdvoLogix's Apex classes and Visualforce pages to each profile that needs access to AdvoLogix.

Installation Complete

The package will now be submitted for updating in your organization. The upgrade process usually takes just a few minutes. When completed, a confirmation email will arrive in your email inbox. 

You can verify the installed version by navigating back to AdvoLogix Setup and checking the Application Status.

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