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iManage Setup: Notifications

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iManage Notifications allow users to receive customized notifications on various activities that may happen either in the iManage components in Salesforce or the iManage Work cloud portal. Users can subscribe to workspaces to receive notifications that include uploading a new document, uploading a new version of a document or updating a document profile.  Notifications are only sent if the user has followed a workspace for updates. Users can subscribe to notifications for workspaces from the AdvoLogix Connector lightning component. For more details, follow this link.

Enable/Disable Updates

From the side menu, select iManage Notifications.

  1. Select the Edit action button in the page header.
  2. Enable/Disable New Document Upload to receive notification updates when a new document is uploaded within your subscribed workspace(s).
  3. Enable/Disable New Document Version Upload to receive notification updates whenever a new document version is uploaded for any document within your subscribed workspace(s).
  4. Enable/Disable Document Profile Update to receive notification updates whenever a document profile is updated within your subscribed workspace(s).

Once you have enabled/disabled specific notification activities, select the Save button to save your configuration values. 

A custom notification flow is part of the package that sends out push notifications in Salesforce as well as your connected Salesforce mobile application.  These notifications can be extended to publish customized chatter posts or send out email alerts. For more details, follow this link.

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