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The AdvoLogix Featured Items lightning component allow users to view a list of folders or documents as shortcuts that your administrator has configured. The list is maintained within Salesforce and users can add or remove items from the respective instance of the Featured Items lightning component.

1. How do I add the Featured Items component to a lightning page?

The AdvoLogix Featured Items lightning component is designed for use within lightning home, app, record pages and utility bar.

Deployment Options

Navigate to the gear icon and select Edit Page.  You are now in the lightning page editor and will find the Featured Items component in the list of components in the side menu on the left.

When Featured Items Configuration is not provided, then your logged users get the capability to manually browse through iManage Work and add folders and/documents themselves.

  • Identifier: Select an identifier value that would uniquely identify this component instance on the lightning page. This unique identifier provides context of managing different lists of items per instance of the component on the lightning page.
  • Header Title: Optionally display a title as the component heading.
  • Featured Items Configuration: Optionally provide Featured Item configuration that has been setup previously from iManage® Setup page. For more details on how to setup Featured Items configuration, follow this link.
  • Library Name: Optionally, provide a library name (supports multiple libraries using comma-separated list structure) to control visibility of folders and documents to that specific library only.
  • Login As - Optionally, provide a user to automatically authenticate all iManage Work related operations within the component. The provided user must be enabled as Secured Login within iManage Setup. For more details, follow this link.

Providing a Library Name in the app builder deployment options is useful for situations where you have a Featured Items Configuration containing documents and folders mapped from multiple libraries and you want more control over which users will be able to see specific library-based content only. Multiple instances of the same component can be deployed on single pages with user specific visibility criteria with different Library Names provided to control access of featured items within those specified libraries only.

When a Login As user is provided within the app builder deployment options, all operations related to iManage Work are performed on behalf of that selected user. The current user cannot log in or log out from iManage Work from within the component. 

If the provided secured logged in user logs out from their environment, then the user is logged out from all instances of the components where the secured login has been setup to use as via the Login As option.

2. Using the Featured Items Component

With v1.15 onwards, all lightning components support standard navigation with workspaces and folders. Certain functions within component will be adjusted automatically for the users when standard navigation is enabled for browsing workspaces & folders. For more details, follow this link.

Navigating the functions available within the component:

  1. The action menu allows users to browse iManage Work and add a document or a folder to your featured items list. This action menu is available only when Featured Items configuration is not selected in the deployment options for the component.

  2. The action button reloads the list of featured items within the component instance.

  3. The content area shows and browses through various items added as your featured items.

Deployment Use Cases

On Lightning App Page or Lightning Home Page

An administrator can deploy the component to be used as a dedicated tab that can be accessed easily from the Navigation Bar and can be launched directly from App Launcher for the users. The component may display a pre-selected list of folders or documents from iManage using a Featured Items Configuration. 

On Lightning Record Page

Beyond the lightning app page or home page, the most common use case is to deploy the component within a lightning record page. The component can be deployed without a Featured Items Configuration. This deployment will allows users to map a dedicated folder from iManage to the Salesforce record in context without the need to create or manage a dedicated Workspace for the record.

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