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Navigation Options for Workspaces & Folders

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The connector allows users to access their iManage workspaces, folders and documents directly inside their Salesforce instance. To open and browse a workspace or a folder within all of our lightning components, we support custom lightning navigation and standard iManage navigation user interfaces. Both these navigation options have their pros and cons and can be turned on or off per user basis.

Standard iManage Navigation

Standard iManage navigation is a user interface that is native to iManage Work. Opening a workspace or a folder within any of our components will load the content within the standard iManage Work panel. This user interface provides the look-n-feel closer to native iManage Work.

Custom Lightning Navigation

Custom lightning navigation is a user interface that is native to the Salesforce lightning experience platform. Opening a workspace or a folder within any of our components will load the content within a custom built user interface using the lightning experience platform. This user interface provides the look-n-feel closer to native Salesforce lightning experience environment.

Standard iManage UI vs Custom Lightning Navigation

By default, the connector uses standard iManage navigation for browsing workspaces and folders. To switch to custom lightning navigation, users can customize permissions for the respective user of your organization. For more details follow this article.

Standard iManage UI Custom Lightning UI


  • Provides user experience native to iManage Work.
  • Provides full integrated search capabilities within your documents and workspaces.
  • Provides full file upload capabilities your users can upload large files without issues.
  • Provides full features and functionalities available within the iManage Work interface with support for all of your custom installed extensions in iManage Work.
  • All future updates to iManage Work will automatically be available as soon as your iManage Work instance is updated.


  • Provides user experience native to Salesforce lightning experience.
  • Provides your Salesforce admins ability to control permissions such as the ability to upload documents, create workspaces and folders etc.
  • Provides breadcrumb navigation path track-ability, so that when browsing within sub-folder structures, AdvoLogix manages and allows you to quickly jump into any parent folder easily with one click.
  • Support for larger file uploads up to 1 GB using AWS Cloud platform provided by AdvoLogix.


  • User experience cannot be controlled by managing permissions within Salesforce®. All permissions are assigned and managed from within iManage Work.
  • Very limited file upload capability, only small files can be uploaded to iManage Work folders.
  • Large file upload is supported using AWS Cloud platform but will need to be purchased separately.
  • Does not support all context menu action items, only a limited set of actions are available for use within the component.
  • Does not support any custom extensions installed within your iManage Work instance.


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