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Unable to Retrieve Workspaces That Have a Comma in the Workspace Name (iM)

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Article #000001269


The AdvoLogix team has identified certain limitations that  presently do not have a work-around from within the application components in Salesforce. Some of these limitations may have a pending resolution from the iManage API that we have consumed within our integration. One of those limitations is documented here.

Status: Unresolved

This issue has been identified by iManage and is being tracked under an internal iManage case (NT-112491).


The iManage Integration for Salesforce Powered by AdvoLogix cannot retrieve or lookup workspaces that have a comma (,) within a Workspace Name when the Workspace Manager Configuration is set to associated workspaces by Workspace Name


We advise customers to link the Workspaces using a custom profile in situations where it is known to users that workspaces may contain a comma in the name for certain objects.

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