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Unable to Manually Create Workspaces with the Connector (iM)

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An error is produced whenever an action is initiated that would Create a Workspace in iManage Work. The actions may include, auto workspace creation from the connector component or manually creating workspaces from the connector component or from background flows.


Why am I receiving an error (see below) when I try to create an iManage workspace from the connector?

[NRC_INVALID_PROFILE] Document profile is invalid


iManage Workspaces can be customized to enable certain custom profile attributes as required. This means, when you are generating a workspace, the required custom profile attributes must also be provided at the same time.

For example, if the Custom1 profile attribute has been marked as required within your iManage Control Center, then the error is indicative of the fact that a workspace cannot be created unless the Custom1 value is also provided. 

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Salesforce environment.
  2. Go to iManage Setup | iManage Workspace Manager.
  3. Find the Workspace Manager Configuration for the object where this error is coming in from the component.
  4. Click the row action menu for the configuration and click New Workspace Custom Profiles.
  5. On the screen that opens up, select the profile type as Custom1.
  6. Complete the other details of setting up the custom profile with mappings from respective Salesforce fields which should populate these values from Salesforce to iManage.
  7. And Save.
  8. Now when you go to the connector component and Create Workspace you should not receive the error anymore.

Repeat the above steps for all custom profile attributes that are identified as required within your iManage Work instance.

Documentation: How to Setup Custom Profile for Workspace Manager Configuration

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