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Set Up Permissions for your Salesforce® Users


The AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® comes preset with a default set of permissions and permission sets that can be assigned to your users in Salesforce® to grant functioning capabilities within the application.

What permission sets are available for Salesforce® users?

AdvoLogix® ships with multiple pre-defined permission sets that allow your Salesforce® user to perform those activities within the connector.  Below is the list of custom permission sets provided within the connector's package:

Permission Set Name Description
iManage Admin Allows full operational capability within the connector.
iManage User Allows regular operational capability within the connector.
Users assigned to this permission set cannot modify configuration settings within the iManage® Setup tab.
iManage Read-Only Restrict users to read-only operations.

The permission sets are shipped with the AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® application and are not editable. To customize permissions for your users, AdvoLogix® advises users to generate a Permission Set Group and add the AdvoLogix shipped permission set within that permission set group. Then, you can further mute any custom permissions that AdvoLogix® provides below to disable it for your Salesforce® users.

The advantage of using permission set groups is that you will auto-receive updates to any of AdvoLogix® shipped permission sets on future upgrades to the package, without affecting any muted permissions by your administrator.

How to control Salesforce® users' ability to perform operations within connected Workspaces and Folders?

AdvoLogix® ships with multiple custom permissions that can grant or restrict your Salesforce® user's ability to perform those activities within the connector.  Below is a list of custom permissions provided:

Permission Name Description
iManage: Create Folders Allows users to create folders within a workspace.
iManage: Create Folders Using Templates Allows users to create a set of folders using a Workspace Template.
iManage: Create Workspace Allows users to create workspace and manage the custom profile attributes.
iManage: Document Upload Allows users to upload documents within folders.
iManage: Read-Only Access Restricts users to only be able to view the content of a workspace and restrict them from making any modifications.
iManage: Update Workspace Allows users to update a workspace and manage the custom profile attributes.
iManage: Use Standard Navigation for browsing Workspaces & Folders Lets users navigate within workspaces or folders using the iManage® provided interface.

Custom permissions are applicable within the non-native iManage® User Interface only.  When browsing through the standard iManage® Work user interface these permissions will not apply and will be by-passed.  These custom permissions can be assigned to any user using a profile or a permission set.

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