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AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® Release Notes

Updated Nov 04, 2021

Version 1.9

Added Support for Private Keys for iManage® Authentication

For customers who are on private iManage® Cloud instance, they can now manage their own authentication Application, and our configuration now allows them to enter their own API Keys for access to the iManage® Work instance.

Older Releases

Version 1.0

Introducing AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® a new tool that will allow users be able to browse through iManage® Workspaces and open, edit, download your documents from within the context of your Salesforce records.

AdvoLogix® Connector Lightning Component⚡ for iManage® and Salesforce®

For every record, a base workspace will be present in iManage® Work. The user will be presented with an option to create a new workspace in iManage®, if there is none created already. This component provides access within the workspace and users are able to open, download or checkout/checkin documents with ease. For more details follow this article.

The AdvoLogix® Document Link lightning component for iManage® and Salesforce® allows a user to link a specific document by saving the document URL into a specific field on the record. For more details follow this article.

Get Notified For iManage® Document Updates

AdvoLogix® has built in a notification system that can be configured to provide push notifications by default for all enabled notification events such as new document upload, document version upload or whenever a document's profile is updated. These notifications can be extended to publish customized chatter posts or send out email alerts as well. For more details follow this article.

Automate Your iManage® Workspace Creation

AdvoLogix® provides a built-in Apex method to generate an iManage® Workspace automatically via Salesforce® Flows. With Salesforce® Flows an admin can setup the automation to be fired upon creation of a record such as a new account creation. For more details follow this article.

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