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How do I extend iManage® notifications?


AdvoLogix® sends out push notifications by default for all enabled notification events.  However, these notifications can be extended to publish customized chatter posts or send out email alerts as well. These notifications are built over the top of a robust event publishing platform.

AdvoLogix® publishes specific platform events on numerous activities that subscribers can listen for and execute their own processes around them.

Creating a Flow to Extend Default Notifications

The default notifications flow can be extended by creating a new Salesforce Flow using iManage: Notifications Flow Template and users can add or customize their own notification actions upon receiving the AdvoLogix® published notification events.

  1. In Salesforce Setup, enter Flows into the Quick Find box, and select Flows.
  2. Select the New Flow action button in the page header to initiate a new Salesforce® flow wizard.
  3. Switch to All + Templates tab.
  4. Select the iManage: Notifications template from the list of available templates.
  5. Select the Next button.

You now have a custom flow that can listen for all of the iManage® notifications as published by AdvoLogix®. Your administrator can now extend or edit the flow to include other types of notification alerts such as chatter posts or email alerts as well.

Understanding the Notifications Flow Template Structure

  1. Whenever a notification is to be generated for an enabled notification activity, AdvoLogix® will publish an event that will trigger this flow.

  2. Each notification published will be categorized with a specific type.  AdvoLogix®currently supports the following notification types:

  3. The notification payload is processed into a notificationData flow variable, which provides various informational data objects:
    • List of Notification Subscribers - {!notificationData.subscribers}
    • iManage® document data object - {!notificationData.document}
    • iManage® container folder data object - {!notificationData.parent_folder}
    • iManage® Workspace data object - {!notificationData.workspace}

  4. Processes the notification subscribers list and prepares a loop flow variable.

  5. Sends out push notifications to each subscriber as processed in the previous step. 
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