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Using the AdvoLogix® Document Link Lightning Component⚡ for iManage® and Salesforce®

Updated Sep 28, 2021

The AdvoLogix® Document Link lightning component for iManage® and Salesforce® allows a user to link a specific document by saving the document URL into a specific field on the record.

1.1. Deployment Use Cases

The document link component is designed for use within lightning record pages. 

1.2. Deployment Options

Navigate to the gear icon and select Edit Page.  You are now in the lightning page editor and will find the document link component in the list of components in the side menu on the left.

URL Field: Select a field to store the URL of the document that the user selects within the component.

2. Using the Document Link Component

Navigating the functions available within the component:

  • Choose Document - Allows users to browse iManage® documents and select a document within the component. The selected document's URL will be saved in the URL Field provided in the component deployment options.
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