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Introduction to the AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce®

Updated Oct 26, 2021

The AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce® is currently in a closed beta phase (available by invitation only).  The beta phase serves one main purpose: to test performance and identify issues.  During this phase, we encourage the users to send any issues, suggestions, or ideas regarding the iManage® Connector to

The connector allows users to access their iManage® workspaces, folders and documents directly inside their Salesforce® instance. Users can create files/folders, view folders/sub-folders, and edit files from the context of the records they are viewing.

What functionality does this module serve?

  •  The component auto detects and maps itself to a workspace on the iManage® work server based on the configuration available for the object. Every record can be associated to one or more workspace(s) in iManage® Work.

  • Files can be uploaded to your iManage® workspace folders via drag-n-drop or from a file selection dialog.

  • The list of files and folders is displayed to the user for easier operation. Users can drill down into folders with a simple click.

  • A new tab/folder or a set of folders can be created using the workspace templates from within the component interface.

  • Preview your documents or open your workspace/folders directly in iManage®.

  • Seamlessly check a document out and back in with iManage® Work for desktop. A document can be checked out by simply double-clicking on it.  The document will open in a local client application where changes can be made and then saved to iManage® with auto check-in.

  • Users can follow workspaces for tracking and getting notified of changes such as new document added or updated within those workspaces.

Before installing the AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce®, the system admin will need to enable the following setting in your Salesforce org:    

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Type Apex Settings into the Quick Find search box
  3. Select Apex Settings in the side menu on the left
  4. Enable the Deploy Metadata from Non-Certified Package Versions via Apex checkbox
  5. Select Save

To install the AdvoLogix® Connector for iManage® and Salesforce®, please contact AdvoLogix® support (

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