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How do I set up the connector component?

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For every record, a base workspace will be present in iManage Work. The user will be presented with an option to create a new workspace in iManage, if there is none created already.

The iManage Integration for Salesforce powered by AdvoLogix does not support Salesforce Classic. None of the lightning components within our app can be used or customized from the Salesforce Classic environment.

Deployment Options

The iManage Connector component is designed for use within a lightning record page for any object in Salesforce.  

Deployment Use Cases

Navigate to the gear icon and select Edit Page.  You are now in the lightning page editor and will find the iManage Connector component in the list of components in the side menu on the left.

  • Library Name - [optional] Provide a library name to perform workspace oriented operations to that specific library only.

    When the Library Name is provided within the app builder deployment options, workspace operations are executed within the specified library, otherwise the workspace operations are executed within the library specified in the iManage Workspace Manager configuration for the object.

  • iManage Workspace Template Id - [optional] Provide an iManage workspace template id that will be used to generate sub-folder structure within the newly created workspace. When left empty, the workspace template provided within the Workspace Configuration will be used.

    To find your iManage Workspace Template Id, go to the iManage Control Center >> Settings >> Templates.  Open the detail view of the desired Workspace Template and extract the id from the browser's address field as highlighted below in blue:
    <Base iManage Work URL>/work/cc/templates/template/Dev!1615/detail

  • Allow Workspace Template Selection - When enabled, your users can pick a different workspace template when generating a new workspace.
  • Login As - [optional] Provide a user to automatically authenticate all iManage Work related operations within the component. The provided user must be enabled as a Secured Login within iManage Setup. For more details, follow this link.

When a Login As user is provided within the app builder deployment options, all operations related to iManage Work are performed on behalf of that selected user. The current user cannot log in or log out from iManage Work from within the component. 

If the provided secured logged in user logs out from their environment, then the user is logged out from all instances of the components where the secured login has been setup to use as via the Login As option.

When Use AWS Cloud for File Uploading configuration is enabled for your organization, uploaded files (from Step 6) are then routed through AWS Cloud platform to be uploaded to iManage Work. The routing through AWS allows AdvoLogix to upload files that are up to 1 GB size. For more details, follow this link.

To install the iManage Integration, please follow this link to our listing on the AppExchange.

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