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The following summary of Lightning Components and Lightning Pages are unique to the AdvoLogix Lightning Experience and may be implemented in a variety of ways. Please see each item's dedicated articles (in this help guide) for more information.

1. Global Lightning Components

1.1. Conflict Check Feature

Although AdvoLogix provides an excellent ecosystem in which to manage your organization's conflict of interest requirements the Conflict Check feature is designed to aid the process through a centralized and cohesive user experience and work space.  

1.1.1. Batch Conflict Check (Lighting Page)

The Batch Conflict Check feature allows organizations to quickly execute up to 20 conflict checks simultaneously. This feature provides the ability to enter multiple search terms from within a single user experience. 

1.2. Date Calculator Component

The AdvoLogix Date Calculator allows users to quickly determine future (or past) dates and calculate the number of days between two dates. The AdvoLogix date calculation business rules are used for incorporating business day functionality within the calculations.

1.3. Focus Matters Component

The Focus Matters Lightning Home Page Component allows your organization to display the logged in user's Focus Matters on their home page.

1.4. Focus Matters Tab

The Focus Matters Lightning Application Page allows users to work with their Focus Matters on a dedicated page while working in (and reviewing) the Matter's Timeline, in context with the selected Matter. This page can be added to your Lightning application menu or selected at runtime from the application waffle.

1.5. Intake Form Designer

Intake forms are created using the AdvoLogix Intake Form Designer. The designer provides a rich “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) user experience for selecting and positioning data elements within the form. The designer also provides control over several aspects of the user experience during data entry.

1.6. Intake Launcher Component

The Intake Launcher component allows administrators to provide the ability to quickly launch an intake form from their home page, utility bar or Lightning Application page.

1.7. Multi Timer Component

The AdvoLogix Multi Timer is a Lightning Component which can manifest within the Lightning Experience in a variety of ways. This component can be accessed from the Salesforce mobile app, the Utility Bar, the Home Page, and from the Matter's Lightning Record Page. The component's built-in intelligence identifies when the Timer is docked on the Matter's Lightning record page. In this case, the Timer will automatically be assigned to the Matter and the list of Timers displayed are only relevant to the Matter in context.

1.8. Matter Calendar Component (organizational view)

When used in an organizational context, the Matter Calendar can display Events, Tasks, Time and Key Dates for multiple Matters and multiple users. Activities and Key Dates are selected for display based on filters and options found across the top of the display. This component can also be accessed from the Salesforce mobile app, the Utility Bar, and the Home Page. 

1.9. Matter Calendar Tab

The Matter Calendar can be launched from the from the additional tabs menu option. If you plan to use this option on an ongoing basis you'll want to consider making it directly accessible. Consider adding the tab to your application menu.

1.10. Status Component

The AdvoLogix Status component allows administrators to dock a collapsible section to their home page or utility bar for quick access to AdvoLogix system information, product news and the application guide.

1.11. Batch Time Entry Component

The Batch Time Entry component provides the ability to quickly enter several Time entries from a single dialog. This method works especially well when adding multiple records for the same Timekeeper and/or the same Matter.

2. Record Page Components

2.1. AdvoLogix Kanban

The AdvoLogix Kanban Lightning component provides a task management working environment for users who prefer to use a project management style user experience for visualizing and updating tasks. The drag and drop nature of the interface improves user productivity by allowing quick changes to task status and user assignments.

2.2. Matter Calendar Component (matter view)

When used in an matter context, the Matter Calendar Lightning component can display Events, Tasks, Time and Key Dates for the underlying matter.  In this use case, the component can be docked inside the matter page layout confining it's content to the current matter only.

2.3. Matter Timeline Component

The Matter Timeline Lightning Component is an extension of the existing Matter Timeline functionality. This component is an enhanced user interface consistent with the Lightning Experience Activity Timeline. The Matter Timeline component can be docked on the Matter Page or a custom Lightning Page (as with Focus Matters).

2.4. Matter Search Component

The Matter Search component allows users to search all information related to a particular Matter, within the context of the Matter. Options allow the user to "fine-tune" the results by searching specifically designated related information.

2.5. Participation Map Component

The Participation Map component is designed for a wide variety of use cases and provides participant access on any Lightning page with a matter, account, contact or user lookup field.  

2.7. Task Checklist

The Task Checklist feature is a Lighting Component dedicated to managing matter-related tasks. Tasks can be grouped in a variety of ways with several filter options. The user experience also provides the capability to quickly edit tasks without opening additional forms.

3. Other Lightning Components

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