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While most of AdvoLogix uses standard page layouts a few areas use custom Visualforce pages for adding and updating records. These pages cannot be modified however in most circumstances we have incorporated a method to add additional fields to these forms through the use of field sets.

If your firm would like to extend or replace these Visualforce pages please feel free to contact our support services for guidance and advice.

This information may be subject to change and is for general planning purposes only.

Visualforce Pages Used for Object Edit Overrides

When AdvoLogix overrides an object's update form, in many cases, we also provide a field set allowing users to add additional fields to the page layout. This is accomplished by opening the object, selecting the field set and then adding the additional fields to the field set.

Time Update

The Time update (edit) Visualforce page accomplishes several tasks not possible using a standard platform update page. Those tasks are:

  • Defaults the Matter when creating a new Time entry from the Timer.
  • Defaults the Rate based on rate setup.
  • Defaults the current Date as the entry date.
  • Defaults the logged in Timekeeper.
  • Rounds the Time in Hours based on applicable time rounding options.

Although we do not suggest bypassing the AdvoLogix Time update form we have provided support to accommodate, including the capability to perform most of the items mentioned above. A global option allows users to select their own custom Visualforce page for use from the Matter Calendar. Two API methods are also provided to assist with default rate assignment and rounding. Please read these suggestions if your solution requires support for cloning.

If the default fields on the Visualforce update are not adequate, additional fields may be included using field sets.

Participant Update

  • The Participant update (edit) Visualforce page automatically populates the Name entry field on the participant based on the looked Name from the underlying record type.
  • Matter lookup fields can be optionally setup as managed Participants. When applicable, the Participant Visualforce ensures these Account/Contact/User are read-only. Managed Participants are controlled from the Matter page layout.
  • There are three pre-defined record types associated with Participants. The Participant sub-system reacts to and is expecting one of these three record types.

If the default fields on the Visualforce update are not adequate, additional fields may be included using one (or more) of these field sets.

Cross Reference Matter Update

The Cross Reference Matter update (edit) Visualforce page accomplishes several tasks not possible using a standard platform update page. Those tasks are:

  • Prevents the same Matter from being cross-referenced to itself. 
  • Maintains two Cross Reference relationship Objects, one for each matter. 
  • Overrides the Delete button to maintain the two object records.
Visualforce Used for Objects in Self Contained Applications

The following objects and the related Visualforce cannot be overridden and are self-contained applications without end-user entry points:

  • Activity Plans
  • Assignment Rule Sets, Rule Editor
  • Budgets
  • Export Templates
  • Legal Hold Acknowledgements

The following self-contained Visualforce applications may only be extended using field sets:

  • Batch Time Entry
  • Timesheet
  • Batch Participant Entry (new field set in Fall 2017)

The following self-contained Visualforce applications are generally not object specific and cannot be overridden:

  • Billing Preview (may be optionally configured to display custom fields)
  • Matter Planner
  • Matter Calendar
  • Matter Gantt
  • Matter Hierarchy
  • Matter Kanban
  • Participation Map
Other Notes

Event Pass-Through

The standard VF page is still used but we use a “pass-through” VF page to facilitate recording Time for an Event with multiple users assigned. NOTE: There is also a trigger that works in conjunction with this pass-through. 


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